• Cameras, Smartphones, tablets… are coming to the party !

guests and cameras at wedding unplugged wedding

It’s a common fact that today cameras, smartphones and tablets are a part of the wedding landscape.

Many guests now love to take their own pictures during a wedding day, a baptism or whatever other family event they’re invited at… There is nothing more normal !

It will be difficult and unfair not allowing them to do so. But it’s important to take some precautions to prevent situations that could obstruct the photographer to do his/her job properly. The bride and groom need a fine result from the professional they hired !



  • Enjoy the moment

Often, guests are lost in the process of taking pictures and are not involved in the party anymore. They don’t listen to the vows, they are distracted.

  • Some things only happen once 

The bride walking down the aisle is THE moment that everyone is waiting for. Everybody steps in the middle of the aisle blocking the photographer and the groom’s view ! Everybody wants a shot of the bride, but the groom can’t see his beloved bride coming through the crowd, and the photographer struggles to take a nice shot of that critical moment of the day.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen can say a few words to avoid people to leave their seats, even the officiant (it’s the most efficient way actually !). Closing the rows is a solution to prevent that too and allow the bride and groom to have their movie-like « first look » !

When at the City hall, you’ll see that the ceremony is really quick and that not having 20 people in front of the photographer is kind of a substantial point !

  • Flashlights… 

A large number of photographers, me included, don’t work with flash during the day to preserve the location atmosphere. In order to do that, we set our cameras according to the ambiant light. Additional light, like your guests’ flashes, will alter the results. It’s usually a detail considering we shoot with burst mode but not having to deal with this makes it easier to do our job !

A word about it before the ceremony is usually a great way to avoid this problem too.

  • Respect the solemnity of the place and moment

Wether it is a religious, symbolic or civil ceremony, they are meaningful. Through theses ceremonies the wedding is pronounced. Be there in the respect of the place, of the vows being said… Don’t enter the church choir, go behind the officiant or stick a camera on the rings during the exchange contribute to a quality work from your photographer.

  • Choose your moment

As I said it earlier, this is not my place to forbid your guests to take pictures. But it’s just a way for me to tell them that some moments are more favourable than others : after the ceremony, the cocktail, the party…

  • A secured online gallery 

All the pictures taken will be on that gallery for you to view, share, print even…

So, dear guests put your cameras down and enjoy the day !